Installation (Single Server) cont…

Install WSS/MOSS (if SQL installation skipped the Windows Internal Database will be installed)

  1. Log on to the server using the SharePoint Installation account.
  2. Load the DVD or download the setup.exe file from the Microsoft Download site. Double-click the WSS.exe file (for MOSS this is Setup.cmd) to begin the installation. After the setup program loads, it will check to verify that necessary components are installed (you will be notified if there are any problems). If you are installing Windows SharePoint Services, no serial number is required and the Windows SharePoint Services splash page is displayed. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server will present you with a serial number page. If needed, enter your serial number (including dashes). This will be validated automatically, and when correct, a green check mark will appear.
  3. Click the Continue button when ready: this will begin the actual install. When the install starts, the End User Agreement License page is displayed. Assuming that you accept the License agreement, click the I Accept check box, and then click the Continue button. This will open the Installation selection page:
  4. From this page, you can choose the type of install you would like—click the Basic button to continue. The setup program will then begin installing the WSS core files and show you a progress bar. When this is done, the installation complete page is shown.
  5. Leave the Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard now checked and click the Close button. This will open up the configuration application.
  6. Click Next > to continue. A warning message will be displayed indicating that services will be stopped during configuration.
  7. Click the Yes button to continue. The configuration application will run the installation process, showing you each step being performed.

At this point, the databases have been created, Central Administration installed, and the default site has been created at port 80. Click the Finish button to complete the installation and the top-level site will be opened in the browser.

Default welcome page