MOSS Installation!

Installation Planning

WSS is designed to support a single server or small, medium, and large server farms with services spread across the hardware. In the bare configuration, SharePoint Services supports using SQLExpress and WSS across a server farm expandable up to the full server farm configuration, using SQL Clustering, Load Balancing, and similar. Although there are two types of installation:

  • Basic: All options are installed for you, including the database; you cannot create a server farm nor change the database. This option is usually used for a single server environment.
  • Advanced: You can pick and choose the options you want to install, create a server farm, and choose the database. This option is usually used for any multi-system configuration.

In this documentation I will go through the Basic installation method (Single server/smaller server farm).
I have done the basic installation because:

  • it is the minimum configuration needed for a developer to adequately build event receivers and web parts, as well as develop workflows.
  • It provides at least a basic level of system testing capabilities