MSMQ LastModifyTime shows different time!

There is a weird thing i noticed when I checked MSMQ modified or created time. The Explorer shows a different time but when execute in powershell it shows a different time.







I have no idea why, so wrote a C# code to see what that returns and that shows the same as the explorer. Is it a bug in Windows or am I looking something completely different??


    MessageQueue[] QList = MessageQueue.GetPrivateQueuesByMachine(System.Environment.MachineName);
            double dblCount = 0;
            MessageQueue myQueue = new MessageQueue(QName.ToString());
            MessageEnumerator myEnum = myQueue.GetMessageEnumerator2();

            while (myEnum.MoveNext())
                dblCount += 1;

            string QCount = Convert.ToString(dblCount);
            return myQueue.Peek().SentTime.ToString() + " - " + QCount; // checking the sentTime