My Convocation

My convocation day on Friday the 11th was a great day. I was waiting for this day for four years!

I woke up early morning , had a nice shower and wore my smart suit. Me and my friends planned to travel by train. The train journey was quiet enjoyable, thanks to my friends who came with me and gave me a good company. I had a chance to meet my other Uni friends.

The graduation ceremony starts at 11.30am and we supposed to be there at 8.30am. But as usual we reached to the place at 10.15am. As soon as we reach, I started to collect my tickets and the convocation dress then everyone started to take photos and videos. It was quite fun 🙂

At 11.00 a.m we have asked to move into the ceremony hall. After the chancellors speech we were called on the podium. I stood with a little tensed! Surprisingly, I managed to calm down myself and walked on the podium. After getting my certificate I went straight to the studio to take photos.

After the convocation, I had a grand dinner party with friends, but I do miss one of our best mate Amalesh.

Also I would like to thank my Uncle and Loven for coming to my graduation ceremony. Thank you!

I will post some photos later 😉