Using the Get-Process cmdlet to get all running Siebel processes

I started using Powershell more and more as its so powerful and faster to retrieve system data. specially to retrieve from remote systems. I was looking for a way to pull all running siebel processes but there are more than one siebel process running, i.e siebmtshm siebmtshmw, siebproc, siebsh etc., I wanted to pull all siebel related processes with the CPU, VM information. Typically you can try something like Get-Process siebproc, siebmtshmw, etc., but the problem is you have to manually enter the name of the processes, or you can use the Query command like below but again you have to manually enter the name of the process to get the info.



I got the results and even output to a html file using the below command. simple!

get-process * | select name, Vm, CPU| where{$ -like "*Sieb*"} | convert to-html | out-file C:\temp\processes.html




now this makes me building the monitoring tool easy!